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Sports Media Specialists: Leveling The Playing Field

Founded in 2005, Desser Sports Media, Inc. advises premiere sports and media organizations on some of the most important parts of their business: Media Rights, M&A, Litigation/Arbitration, and Business Development.

A primary focus for DSM is media rights transactions, which are highly technical, infrequently negotiated, and ultimately hugely important to a team’s or league’s bottom line and brand.  Teams and leagues contend with the savvy of Fortune 500 media companies that routinely acquire rights, have dedicated specialized staff, and have developed myriad of defenses to thwart owners from achieving fair value.  

We have specific and unique experience in this area, which permits us to “level the playing field.” Our clients get the benefit of our collective 100+ years of sports and media experience, our extensive relationships, our deep understanding of the operations and perspectives of networks, distributors, teams and leagues, plus our up to the minute knowledge of the sports media marketplace. 

We provide this range of services to the full spectrum of sports media participants ranging from content owners to networks/intermediaries, and distributors/retailers.  We are independent and we supply comprehensive and detailed analysis, advice and negotiation services, as well as dispute resolution support. 

We encourage you to explore this site, to learn more about our services and approach, and contact us to determine if we can be of assistance.  

Services: Management Consulting

Sports Management Consulting
There is much more to running a successful sports operation than negotiating the media agreements. We have more than 35 years of major league sports management experience, which can be harnessed to deal with a wide variety of matters; these include venue issues, scheduling, programming, production, promotion, facilities, transmission, sales, research, make vs. buy decisions, staffing, and organizational structure.

Sports Ownership Support
DMI provides a variety of services to owners of sports properties. These include: assessment of potential purchases, business analysis of existing holdings, management analysis, and identification of areas of potential improvements. We are highly knowledgeable in matters of league operations, rules and governance.

DMI has extensive operating knowledge of sports franchises and networks, both from a local and league perspective. We operate as specialized business consultants, across a wide variety of franchise and television operations, to address problem areas and develop strategic direction for teams.

DMI personnel have extensive television and media production backgrounds, including programming, remote and studio production, transmission and master control operations. We have supervised the production of countless major league sporting events and world feed operations for major international events, build-out of facilities, and network operations.

DMI has sports sales and marketing pros available to help your organization increase its revenues and identify new opportunities. We can apply our knowledge to particular sales-related problems, or project potential sales for new business opportunities.

Organization & Staffing
Our principals have managed large and small companies. Assessments can include staffing levels, organizational structure, incentive plans, and other key HR-related issues in the sports and media arenas.  We also selectively handle recruiting of key media-related positions for our clients. 

New Media
We specialize in developing new media strategies, assisting our clients to understand the nuances of new media and assess potential opportunities, plus implementing innovative approaches to exploit these developing revenue opportunities through the use of new technology.
Strategic Planning
Our principals have engaged in many years of strategic planning activity for top-flight organizations. From off-site retreats to identification of critical path issues, DMI is available to provide a knowledgeable outsider's perspective to your unique situation, helping your key executives to "think outside the box."
Any new business deal or initiative requires due diligence. It is critical that potential revenue, expenses, and growth rates be estimated from conservative to best-case scenarios in order to facilitate strategic decision making. Thorough testing of variables and alternative approaches is important to being able to confidently make move forward in your business.

Market Research
DMI possesses extensive expertise in sports and media market research. This includes the understanding and interpretation of ratings and other secondary data, the design and implementation of customized qualitative focus groups, and quantitative phone and Internet research devices. We believe in the value of market research, both to assist in decision making as well as to optimize the sales and marketing process.

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