Desser Media, Inc.

Sports Media Specialists: Leveling The Playing Field

Founded in 2005, Desser Sports Media, Inc. advises premiere sports and media organizations on some of the most important parts of their business: Media Rights, M&A, Litigation/Arbitration, and Business Development.

A primary focus for DSM is media rights transactions, which are highly technical, infrequently negotiated, and ultimately hugely important to a team’s or league’s bottom line and brand.  Teams and leagues contend with the savvy of Fortune 500 media companies that routinely acquire rights, have dedicated specialized staff, and have developed myriad of defenses to thwart owners from achieving fair value.  

We have specific and unique experience in this area, which permits us to “level the playing field.” Our clients get the benefit of our collective 100+ years of sports and media experience, our extensive relationships, our deep understanding of the operations and perspectives of networks, distributors, teams and leagues, plus our up to the minute knowledge of the sports media marketplace. 

We provide this range of services to the full spectrum of sports media participants ranging from content owners to networks/intermediaries, and distributors/retailers.  We are independent and we supply comprehensive and detailed analysis, advice and negotiation services, as well as dispute resolution support. 

We encourage you to explore this site, to learn more about our services and approach, and contact us to determine if we can be of assistance.  

Michelle White

Executive Assistant/Office Manager.  Michelle specializes in executive support, office administration, project management and contract coordination.  She previously served as a Data Manager at Cigna and has worked in administration for several prominent nonprofit organizations.  

Sonia Harris

Graphic Designer.  Born and raised in London, Sonia moved to California and translated her lifelong passion for visual organization and aesthetics into her chosen profession of graphic design in 1998.  She is the designer of many books, websites, ad campaigns, infographics and identities.  

Laurel Green

Bookkeeper.  Laurel is a bookkeeper with over 20 years of experience.  She previously worked at Effros Tax & Consulting, Inc. before starting Greenbooks in 2007.  Laurel lives in Nashville with her husband, son and two dogs.  

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