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Sports Media Specialists: Leveling The Playing Field

Founded in 2005, Desser Sports Media, Inc. advises premiere sports and media organizations on some of the most important parts of their business: Media Rights, M&A, Litigation/Arbitration, and Business Development.

A primary focus for DSM is media rights transactions, which are highly technical, infrequently negotiated, and ultimately hugely important to a team’s or league’s bottom line and brand.  Teams and leagues contend with the savvy of Fortune 500 media companies that routinely acquire rights, have dedicated specialized staff, and have developed myriad of defenses to thwart owners from achieving fair value.  

We have specific and unique experience in this area, which permits us to “level the playing field.” Our clients get the benefit of our collective 100+ years of sports and media experience, our extensive relationships, our deep understanding of the operations and perspectives of networks, distributors, teams and leagues, plus our up to the minute knowledge of the sports media marketplace. 

We provide this range of services to the full spectrum of sports media participants ranging from content owners to networks/intermediaries, and distributors/retailers.  We are independent and we supply comprehensive and detailed analysis, advice and negotiation services, as well as dispute resolution support. 

We encourage you to explore this site, to learn more about our services and approach, and contact us to determine if we can be of assistance.  

A Message from Ed Desser

I started consulting in 2005, after a 23-year career in the Commissioner's Office at the National Basketball Association, and following over 33 total years in the sports and media business.  My goal was to take the analytical tools and sports media experience I had developed at the NBA, and make them available to pro sports teams, leagues/associations.  In my experience, many such organizations operated at a distinct disadvantage when negotiating against sophisticated and highly experienced media company negotiation experts.  The former negotiated media rights agreements once or twice a decade.  The latter did so day in and day out.  No wonder the media companies were able to strike more favorable deals.  
We have negotiated more than 50 team and league media agreements, and advised on major sports M&A transactions, which collectively total more than $27 Billion to date and counting.  In addition, we have performed valuations, assisted in litigation and arbitrations, and designed many media business plans across both traditional and new media platforms.  I have been an expert witness in connection with a number of high profile cases, and have participated in a number of the defining landmark deals in our industry.  I am proud to say that now, many of our clients also come from the media and distribution side of the business as well, having recognized the value of our skill, perspective, and insights across the spectrum of industry participants.
We pride ourselves in putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes, and yet being independent.  We are not just a part of a large agency, law firm, player representative or investment banking organization, and we have no other agendas, but rather specialize in, and are completely devoted to, sports media matters on behalf of our clients.  In fact, the DMI team has more than two hundred years of sports and media experience, and we enjoy applying our skill sets and out-of-the-box thinking to your special set of issues.  We have a passions for this topic, and I am confident that we can help you solve whatever puzzle you are confronting, and achieve an outcome that balances the long term needs of your organization and those of your business partners.  
I encourage you to explore this website, to learn more about our integrated suite of services, our clients, our team, and its accomplishments.  You may also want to review our 20 Key Sports Media Rights Issues to determine how to get what you deserve from your TV rights.  If you think you may have a need, I encourage you to contact me to confidentially discuss it.  I look forward to being of service.
Ed Desser


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